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Advanced technology, strict management, and professional team to serve you


Win customers with integrity and establish a brand with high-quality products

EXP experience

Rich industry experience

☆  The company has excellent talents for experimentation

☆  Equipped with high-precision inspection and testing equipment

☆  Develop suitable solutions for our clients

PERF Customized

Excellent product performance

☆  Professional R&D team, each product has undergone multiple rigorous tests

☆  More than ten years of industry experience, in-depth understanding of customer needs

☆  No commitment to prohibited or illegal raw materials, ensuring product stability and excellence

DM Direct selling

No middleman earns price difference - manufacturer direct sales

☆  Adopting an advanced management system, high production capacity, and low scrap rate.

☆  Manufacturers sell directly at affordable prices

☆  Direct factory delivery to reduce product costs

SERV service

A comprehensive after-sales service system

☆  Pre sales: Confirm behavioral analysis and match with corresponding solutions

☆  In sales: A professional technical team to promptly identify and solve problems.

☆  After sales: Professional after-sales customer service, timely feedback, and rooted service

Strength Achieves Customers

High quality products and comprehensive after-sales service!


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About of JiheSheng

Jihesheng New Materials focuses on the polymer additive industry and Alkylphenol industry. The additives keep the polymer's performance lasting. Provide polymer manufacturers and product processing enterprises with additive methods and products with outstanding cost-effectiveness. At the same time, we focus on the development of Alkylphenol products and downstream applications, and provide high-quality raw materials and product development guidance for Alkylphenol users. Jihesheng New Materials aims to ensure employees' health, provide value to customers, add green to nature, and save energy for society ...More

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